When working on a one show brief, I discovered that women were being sexually assaulted at an alarming rate and there wasn't much being done about it. Having worn a martial arts uniform for more than 70% of my life, I realized I had a plethora of information just waiting to be passed on. I went to work creating a platform where women could be empowered, learn basic self defense techniques, and take classes from yours truly.
Although I'm still working on building my following, I've already taught countless individuals in person and over zoom. Even if I only helped one woman who needed more confidence, it would all be worth it.
Lots of students like to believe that Provo is a safe place. While it is safer than other cities, every single week the campus police beat reveals at least one case of sexual assault. Unfortunately, in December a freshman student was raped in the dorms. Deeply saddened, I gave free zoom classes for the next two weeks.
A few excerpts from my slideshow I use at the beginning of the first lesson for a new student. Self Defense is 99% learning to avoid the situation and 1% learning how to break someone's face.

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